Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crimson Calamity "All In The Cards"

Back when it was all the rage to sing songs about the President of the United States, there was a group called the Dixie Chicks who seemed to be rather outspoken and I do believe- though I'm not entirely sure why- I actually even watched their documentary "Shut Up and Sing".   Unlike those who took political sides with the Dixie Chicks, I chose not to like them because of their actual music because it just wasn't for me.    There was something that it seemed to lack and Crimson Calamity seems to find it on "All In The Cards".

The vocal patterns can remind of me Delta Dart, though this is more of a country feel overall.   It has some elements of pop mixed in as well because these songs both get stuck in my head and are fun to sing along with as they blast out of my speakers.  

These songs may or may not have a country comparison that I am simply unaware of due to my lack of country knowledge, but I don't like to think of it as sounding like anyone imparticular anyway.   These are songs that are delivered in enough harmony that they are easy on the ears.  Combine that with the fact that these ladies are singing about guns, playing cards and booze and you've got yourself a combination that I want to be a part of for sure.

You just have to imagine a time in the old west when a group of women would have walked into the saloon and asked to play cards.   The men would all have a good laugh, but when they flashed the cash they'd say deal 'em in.   When the men realized they'd been taken it'd be too late because the women are just quicker to draw their guns.   So then they all buy a beer and have a laugh together about it.  

That's one of the songs is about and maybe even the plot of that one movie about all the cowgirls (Was it called "Bad Girls"?)  Either way, even the most jaded of country fans would certainly find something to enjoy about this because it isn't as much country to me as it is a story being told in the old west.     If you can't appreciate that I don't know what to tell you because really it's just history.

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