Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pikara "This Hollow" (Åiö Soundings)

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While this can begin with the style and grace of a circus show ala Gatsbys American Dream-- that sort of spectacle-- it can find itself jus as easily turning into something like an orchestra.    It has piano melodies that can first remind me of a bar in an old western movie but then eventually does turn into the piano as well of something such as Adele because I'm pretty sure I keep hearing the singer sing "set fire to the rain" in the song "Every Glass is the Last".

So this is the third album from Pikara and it makes me sad that I haven't heard of them before now.    These songs are so delicate yet strong at the same time that you don't feel so much like they're going to shatter like glass but rather shatter the glass themselves.    At times it can appear as just a voice (though there are backing instruments, they just sort of take a backseat if you will) and at others it can be an orchestra.

If you are like me and are one of the people who had never heard of Pikara before this album then do yourself the favor of giving this one a listen.   Now I am going to go back and listen to their previous albums as well because I just do enjoy this one that much.

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