Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breakfast in Fur "Flyaway Garden" (Bar/None Records)

When I was first introduced to Breakfast in Fur it was because of a split record they did with Shana Falana, the poster of which is still on my wall, reminding me of them every day.   I instantly fell in love with them when I bought that record and now they have released their first proper full length and I'm glad to be listening to it.  

For the most part, the songs found on "Flyaway Garden" are dreamy like something from the "Juno" soundtrack but then there is also something else to them where they're not quite from the 1980's or 1990's in that new wave sense but along those same lines.    The first song is fast paced but then throughout the rest of the album they can be moderately paced or slower.

With whispy vocals ala Smashing Pumpkins or Silversun Picksups there are moments where the vocals project sound rather than actual words and at other times they are simply not there.   Woodwinds come into play to set the tone for this feeling like Jim Morrison lost in the desert so, yes, you could also say it has a bit of classic rock/psychedelic appeal to it.

To be fair, the title track is 1:11 with meditated breathing exercises for vocals as opposed to something catchy where the title is sung in the chorus or just once so when you hear it you go, "Ooooh!  That's the name of the record!!" and as such this isn't too much traditional about "Flyaway Garden" but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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