Thursday, February 12, 2015

新しいコンピュータのOS 98 "新しいコンピュータのOS 98" (STC Records)

[$3 for Cassette // Edition of 8 //]

The first song on here is a somewhat acoustic, dreamy, blissful serene number.   The second is a short interlude before the final two songs come on and have that 1980's/Miami Vice/Beverly Hills Cop feel mixed with New Kids on the Block.     This is very nice for what you should release on cassette and I would like to know more.    Everybody wants to rule the world, indeed.

On the last song it sounds specifically like something is about to go down in some movie from the late 1980's or early 1990's, maybe like Christian Slater's "Kuffs".    The description also says that the cassette comes with bonus tracks so I might have to consider buying this one.   I don't know, but I do want to hear more songs like this.

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